Optomap® Retinal Imaging

Optomap® Retinal Imaging

Optomap® Retinal Imaging

Optomap® Retinal Imaging

Your retina is highly susceptible to many diseases. Thus, detecting problems early can help save your vision and protect you from further retinal damage. You may not notice a retinal disorder until it causes vision loss. Fortunately, optomap® retinal imaging can help give a comprehensive eye examination.

What is Optomap Retinal Imaging?


Optomap retinal imaging is a diagnostic technology that gets an ultra-widefield and high-resolution image of your retina in one shot. The process is as simple as taking a picture.

An optomap retinal image can allow you to see the back of your eyes and helps your eye doctor have a permanent record of your retina for future reference. The image from the optomap can detect 30% more than what dilation drops can help find. 

History of Optomap Retinal Imaging


Optomap retinal imaging is in use by over 13,000 eye medical practitioners globally. It first came to the United States in 1999. It gives an ultra-widefield and comprehensive eye examination that traditional methods cannot offer.

What is a Retina?


The retina is the light-sensitive nerve tissue layer at the back of your eye. It contains cones and rods that trigger nerve impulses through your optic nerve to the brain. Your brain then interprets them to form visual images.

Retinal exams are essential as they protect you from blindness or vision impairment. Your retina can show signs of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, and hypertension. Before you notice any vision changes or experience pain, the retina can have early signs of such systematic diseases. You can verify your health through a thorough retinal screening.

Benefits of Optomap Retinal Imaging


Below are the advantages of optimal retinal imaging:

Your eye doctors can give the most comprehensive eye examination they can.

Optomap provides an 82% or 200-degree view of the retina. The technology enables the monitoring of the condition of the retina over time. Your doctor can enlarge specific areas and get side-by-side comparisons of images they took in the past.

You can skip dilation.

If the optomap retinal imaging shows no signs of disease or risk factors, you will not need to get your eyes dilated.

Optomap retinal imaging is sanitary, safe, and fast.

The optomap device is cleaned using alcohol wipes before use. The optomap image gets captured in half a second, saving you time. Pregnant women can go through it as it is safe for everyone, even the unborn baby.

The procedure is painless and comfortable.

Optomap retinal imaging is not painful. You do not have to worry about eye discomfort during the process.

Patients of all ages can go through optomap.

Everyone can take optomap retinal imaging. It is safe for the elderly, adults, young adults, and kids.

Optomap retinal imaging detects different eye diseases.

The imaging can detect different diseases and helps monitor your eye health changes over time.

For more on optomap retinal imaging, visit Clarity Eye Care at our office in McKinney, Texas. Call (972) 954-9595 to schedule an appointment today.

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